Druid Seed Group – Bedford U.K

Hi everyone. There was a post by the lovely Sarah Arkle on FB Pagans in Bucks, Beds and Beyond inviting new members to attend, that I thought may be useful for readers.

Would anyone like to come along to a Druid seed group in Bedford UK? We meet first Wednesday of the month. Our Mabon celebration in is Wednesday 4.10.17. Direct message me for details /|\ Sarah.

So those of you out there who have an interest or are curious about Druidry, here’s your chance to get to know some Druids and possibly be a part of that community. Sarah will be happy to answer any questions you have. A seed group, as I understand it, is a group with one Drud present, this one is fairly new, so now’s your chance to be in at the start! 🙂 Sorry I didn’t see or get this posted before Equinox. Just click on either link, should show up blue for you, to go to her FB profile to message her 🙂


BB all

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Moot Reminder…

bedfordshire pagan moot sign


Don’t forget folks, Bedfords newest Moot is back, tomorrow, 3 – 5pm at the Half Moon Pub in Kempston, easy access from both Bedford town centre and surrounding areas, half hour from MK. The last moot page has all the info and a link to the pub, or look right under listings for the facebook group. All welcome, family friendly.


UPDATE – talk today is by Simoon Easton – ‘Demonology for Fun and Profit’

…ok then.


See you all there!

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Sad news..

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Raymond Buckland (31 August 1934 – 27 September 2017)

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Autumn Equinox

autumn equinox 2017

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Moot Reminder – Hertford Moot

One for those of you more to the south of the area, copied from FB – contact details are on the right or go to the Events page 🙂 Sounds like a fantastic topic and I’m only sorry I can’t make it there.


Hertford September Moot, Wednesday 27th September 8pm,
Upstairs room of the White Horse Pub, 33 Castle Street, Hertford

Come and join us after our month’s absence in the upstairs room of the White Horse pub where this month’s topic will be Pagan Music and Chants. We will begin with a short discussion on chants; what are your favourite chants? What do you use them for? Do you use different ones for different purposes or times of the year?
We will then move on to the topic of inspirational or pagan music. Do you have any tracks that connect you to your spirituality or remind you of sacred places or feelings? Do bring along your favourite tracks on your phone or mp3 player and we will be able to hook them up to a speaker for the whole gathering to enjoy. The music needn’t be from “pagan groups” like Damh the Bard or Circulus and the like – bring any track that makes you feel spiritual or inspires you in your pagan, spiritual or magical imagination.It could be Holst’s Planet Suite, Fleetwood Mac, Coven or a lovely old folk song. So get your thinking caps on and we look forward to hearing your varied selections on the night.
The Hertford Moot welcomes all paths (and none), those new to paganism or experienced practitioners and is held on the last Wednesday of each month. So come along, even if it’s your first time at a moot – we are a very friendly bunch! Feel free to contact myself or KT Winterfyllith if you would like any further info or want to be met at the door so you don’t walk into a room full of (friendly) strangers.

We look forward to seeing many of you there!

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For those in the throes of Hurricane Irma. 

Blessings and Protection be upon you. 

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Moot reminder

MOOT: Aylesbury meeting is on this coming Monday – September 11th – at usual venue The Hop Pole Bicester Road, Aylesbury at 8pm. Contact details on right under ‘aylesbury pagan moot’ 🙂

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A heads up for future tv viewing…

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Simon and Joyce get the giggles in front of the camera….. The new documentary, about Magic in Britain will air on October 28th at 9pm on BBC2.



Sounds promising!

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Full Moon and Seasonal Musings

harvst moon


Tonight the moon will shine at her fullest, a time of magic and mystery! This year the harvest moon falls in October (early october, as being the full moon closest to the autumn equinox) which is quite late. Tonight’s moon is in Pisces. The Milton Keynes, Circle of Hearts Medicine Wheel will be holding their regular moon moot.

Hi everybody its that time again the full moon was at 8.02 so this is a waning moon a time for letting go its also the vine moon and the vine of England is the bramble. so tonight bring wine and we will celebrate with the old gods and goddesses of this land. the ceremony will be at the stone circle at 9.00 o pm Willan north lake Milton Keynes and the celebration at the house please bring food and drink to share blessed be Nick


I unfortunately won’t be able to make this evening, but hoping to see everyone next time.


Bedford’s newest Moot at the Half Moon pub was a huge success, there will be another post on that as soon as I can write it! It was lovely to meet everyone, renew a few aquaintances and get to know our local pagans. There was a brilliant turnout for the firest moot!

In the meantime I thought a post about the turning seasons would be nice, it will also let me use the pictures I’ve been taking specifically for the blog.

proph plough and not ploughed

Already Lughnasadh is becoming a memory, the long sumer days are drawing in, and the  most of the wheat harvest is safely stored or sent off for millingl. One or two fields remain on larger farms, but on the whole the season has turned, and  preparations for winter are well underway, this photo, featuring the ears of the Fiery Red Horse, was taken mid august. Many fields have been ploughed already. In times not so long ago the shortening days of early autumn (a tide that begins in august) meant that the full moon’s light was welcome enabling the plough teams to stay out longer. Nowadays of course we hear the tractors working almost through the night with huge spotlights and powerful beams lighting their way. Our rides around the fields have gone from the green of ripening crops, to the gorgeous golden yellow at Lughnasadh, to the dust of harvest and now back to the brown of ploughed earth. There’s a certain dusty smell you get at harvest time, which always reminds me of long evening rides under a hot sun, travelling  along dusty bridleways, with hard packed sun baked earth sounding out the clop of shod hooves,  and cantering between fields of tall standing crops, quite often with the sight of the tractors working away. Well apart from one farm which has what they call a Field Power Unit, which I call ‘Flipping Huge Horse Scarer’ this thing is the size of about four tractors, the driver sits about twice the height above a regular tractor, and it has arms that reach the length of a football field, and apparently can be made longer. It was trialled by a local farm, but intended for the huge sweeps of land in the U.S and other countries. Must admit, around the village bridleways it can come as a bit of a shock to the system for any unsuspecting horse! Unfortunately I’ve never yet managed to get a picture of it, as most of the time I’ve been keeping both hands firmly on the reins! This thing is the ultimate in ‘economy harvesting’ meaning that one guy can do one huge field in a fraction of the time even a normal combine can. I suppose with the huge explosion in population, combined with global economy, we will see more of this, I can see the sense, but I feel something is lost and distanced in the steps away from the natural rythyms of the land. Life used to be slower, and we lose touch in the mad dash for more speed in everything, Now is a time for us to slow down and take stock.

The ripening corn meant also meant the obvious signs of autumn, poppies have always grown around the corn fields in our area, some places they come out earlier but for us, the lovely Field Poppy is associated with the ripening crops, The brilliant red reminding us of the red of the blood of sacrifice, the Corn King soon to be cut down in his prime to go into the seed and hold the magic of rebirth through the dark winter months.


corn and poppies

Of course the while most people think of  as ‘corn’ in the UK is wheat, or oats or barley  but whatever it is, it’s the main grain harvest celebrated at Lughnasadh,,

The harvest doesn’t stop there tho, the soft fruit and apple harvests are both well underway. We had our first blackberry and apple crumble before august was even out this year. Now onto about the fourth making, along with the long early autumn rides, collecting blackberries reminds me of a time when we would have been reliant on the harvests for getting through winter. Reliant on the abundance and generosity of mother Earth for our very existence. This year we would have struggled making  elderberry syrup which can, usually, see off most colds, the harvest was terrible for elderberries this year. There were some, but the last years bountiful harvest was certainly not repeated this year, Thankfully we have some frozen for the syrup making. Another convenience not available in older times! Apples tend to do well on the bedfordshire clay, and go very nicely with the blackberries!

blackberry and apple


The fruit harvest is associated with Autum Equinox (often called Mabon, but our group don’t use that term as it is only down to one author that it has become popular) and this year that is on the 22nd, I suspect by then the same will have happend as has with the wheat harvest, most of it will be done and dusted by the time the actual date rolls around. Think I’d better freeze some of that vat of blackberry and apple if I want a pie for the Equinox feast!

For pagans everywhere, no matter what ‘flavour’ the harvest can mean many things, it can be an evaluation of the year, as we have entered the waning energies of this year, and our new year begins after Samhain. Harvest can be internal or external, how have we developed over the growth months? How have We grown, how have we changed? what needs to be let go so that the period of rest over Winter renews us, and the new growth in the spring brings fresh hope. Equinox is a time of both balance and preparation, the nights will draw in faster and our thoughts will turn firmly towards Samhain. For now the long hot days continue, even if the nights are growing colder – certainly the thicker coats on the horses indicate this. Long dusty autumn days are still with us, giving us opportunity for our own harvests, and possibly the start of plans to keep us going through winter and into the coming spring.


Blessed Be

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Moot Reminder

It really isn’t great when you wake up the day before Bedfords’s newest Moot with both ears blocked (dammit) Hoping I get them cleared before tomorrow! Just thought I would remind everyone about this event, hope to see all of you there! I’ll be the quiet one…



bedfordshire pagan moot sign


This is held on the 1st Sunday of each month from 3pm onwards, at The Half Moon Pub (Address: High Street, Kempston, Bedfordshire, MK42 7BN). We are a family friendly Moot, welcoming all paths & traditions, new comers and old hands alike. Children also welcome ~ large family garden. There will be speakers and discussions in a friendly atmosphere over a drink or two! For further details contact admins: Queenie Easton, Simon Easton or Christina Nicholson.

Simon and I have found the perfect place to hold the Bedfordshire Pagan Moot. It’s a traditional British Pub, with a separate bar lounge area, which we have been told we can have to ourselves. Plenty of seating, undercover smoking area outside, large car park and children’s play area. One feature that we wanted for this moot, was for it to be family friendly whereby children are also welcome. It is still a traditional moot, but we ourselves recognise it is hard to get child care, hence the time and day.

Once we are up and running, we will be organising talks, discussions, outside events, trips to interesting sacred sites and family camping etc.

The Land lady is called Nicki, said that all the half Moons displayed in the pub have been donated to them over the 17 years since they have been there. There are so many half moons to look at….. We hope you enjoy the venue at The Half Moon. Warmest Blessings Queenie, Simon and Christina )O(


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