On Yule Eve

The sun has sunk below the horizon in a blaze of winter pink,  blue and gold. The dark has crept across the land enveloping us in it’s blanket, we are deprived of sight,  moving through the dark relying on instinct or artificial lights. The shadows surround us and the sky is but a shade paler than the silhouetted trees and hedges.

We keep vigil over the hearth awaiting the rebirth of the sun at tomorrows Sunrise. Blessed be to all.

Yule Eve

During Yuletide we tend to forget the deeper meaning behind all the sparkly lights, the spending and the endless pressure to provide the ‘perfect christmas’ but as pagans we try to keep the Old Ways alive, remembering the nature spirits and nurturing them too.

I hope everyone has a very blessed Yule, and if you celebrate it a wonderful christmas too!

horse head wreath

Blessed Be!


About okarnill

Just another british Witch who follows the path of the wise. Like millions of others I live my life the best I can within my Wiccan beliefs. I am also a horse rider, a dog trainer and an artist. My home is a sleepy village in the UK where I share my life with my partner and all manner of creatures, cats, dogs, horses, hens, rabbits, and much treasured wildlife.
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