Grinding to a Halt. Part 1.

I just looked at the date I last posted something for the Pagan Blog Project and realised it was way back seven months ago, and we were on F…. if this was a horse race I would have been ordered over to the outside rail while the rest of the field thundered past, probably more than once!

So – seven long months, a long time by any standards and in blog terms normally sounds the death knell for keeping readers but with luck there may be one or two who have a long forgotten sub or who wonder in from the PBP link.. or maybe I’m talking to myself, but that wouldn’t be the first time!

Now the rest of the PBP are on letter V – I debated leaping from F to V but thought that that’s a bit of a cop-out and just a way of following the flock –  and I’ve never made a good sheep…a wise woman once said to me ‘don’t make a cage for yourself’ so I’m not! I’m going to do what I’ve always done in life, go my own way.  In this case that means just plodding along where I left off – so here is letter ..G! hah! I will come back to the topics I said I would in the last entry, but it will be in time rather than Right Now.

Seven months ago I was merrily on my path, thinking I was doing ok and happily planning things with the Coven I am a member of and for this blog, then all hell broke loose. Course those of a magical persuasion will know that on this path you are Tested – and even though you may think you are ready and prepared for it the Universe has a devious little habit of blindsiding you with something completely unexpected, it can leave you sitting on the ground and reeling, getting up from that can take time. In my case blog wise it’s taken seven months.

It’s been seven months of turmoil for us. Illness, death, complications, communication problems, I had long weeks where I was not able to make coven meetings due to the most irritating of reasons – traffic jams without end or escape, work schedules, illnesses, multi cancellations of a much needed operation that my Mum required, which complicated life for more people than just her and I. It’s been horrendous, and not just for me. Everyone was affected one way or another. We had one lovely weekend away where even so three of our number could not make it, As magical people we look at the situation and learn from it – what lessons need to be taken on board? What is the universe telling me?

There were other changes too, I usually have a permanent connection to the subtle signs of Other around me, the world that overlays, underlays and just plain lurks alongside the ordinary is something I notice all the time. For me those tiny subtle signs are a way of me knowing ‘all is well’ and all that stopped. I became too caught up in the mundane, too tired after long hours on the road to concentrate on anything but the mundane of animal feeds and care, making sure the humans in the household and extended family were ok, and getting through work and paying bills. It was so bad I didn’t even get to the dog training club where I take a class every Tuesday let alone Coven night. It was almost a hibernation, texts seemed to go astray (or more usually Mercury in his aspect of Predictive Text ran rampant through any communication I tried to send  turning it to gobbledygook) I hadn’t logged on to the computer in long weeks let alone sent an email. Talk about solitary isolation!

There was time to think, I admit I took a long hard look at my Path and where I was on it. I did nothing But think – too much of it.

Where to go from here?



About okarnill

Just another british Witch who follows the path of the wise. Like millions of others I live my life the best I can within my Wiccan beliefs. I am also a horse rider, a dog trainer and an artist. My home is a sleepy village in the UK where I share my life with my partner and all manner of creatures, cats, dogs, horses, hens, rabbits, and much treasured wildlife.
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