Happy New Year

May 2019 bring us all health, wealth and happiness.

Here is a glimpse of the first Moonrise of the new year, may her cycles this coming twelvemonth bring the changes we want to see in our lives.

Blessed Be

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Truly an amazing lady

Amazed to be sitting in my van, lessthan three miles from this place. I wonder where she lived while she was in the area!


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Eve of Pagan Pride Anglia

Well, after a LOONG planning time, and much organisation behind the scenes, tomorrow’s the day. So if you’re in the area, or fancy coming along from further afield, here is the running order for the first Pagan Pride Anglia festival.


A message from the Pagan Pride Anglia team.


Hello everyone!

We are so excited to see you all tomorrow! Just a note to say that the team is logging off now to prepare for a VERY early start tomorrow.

Please keep chanting WARM AND DRY and let’s see if we can ensure favourable weather for tomorrow! But if it’s not looking great in the morning, don’t worry. We have plans to shift the event further into the ampitheatre for additional protection from the elements. Unless we post here to the contrary, the event will go ahead and we plan to have an amazing festival with you all!

This event has been two years in the making and we are so grateful to all the traders, performers, and public who’ve offered their support. Please have a safe journey to us, and we look forward to a wondeful day.




Pagan Pride Anglia two.jpg

pagan pride anglia map.png


The event is free. All welcome. Hope to see you there 🙂


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Just a reminder….

Meez always look for the magic

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To Dance under the Moon

Silvered serene moon, shining amongst the trees. Casting her cool feminine light upon the land below. A brightness at midnight, casting shadows as strong as any noontide hour.

A tug at the heart and a call to dance, to bask in her soft glow, allow it to fill us with joy, with laughter…. with calmness.

To leap and sway, to chant and delight, to absorb that powerful energy, take into our own being, that endless, boundless, knowing, intuitive Power. Allow it to fill us, consume us, compel us…

To dance as one with the Moon. Hidden, yet stripped emotionally bare. Tide of body obeying tide of moon, dancing to reveal inner secrets, laid open for all to see, yet She who Sees is One with She stripped bare. The Goddess hears silent calls directly from the heart, no words are beautiful enough to convey that inner draw, intuition is all that is required this night.

Intuition to guide, intuition to heal. Intuition to take us beyond ourselves, and set our feet upon paths undreamed of, except on nights like this, when Soul and Spirit are free, to dance under the moon. And commune with She.

Dance dear reader, see where it leads you, follow your moonlit path in trust that your journey shall be wondrous!

Blessed Be!

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Solstice Sunrise

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Midsummer’s Eve

The night when, if you sleep at all, it’s with the smell of woodsmoke, wild flowers and incense permeating your hair. Ears ringing with the calls of the Circle, the crackling song of the fire, and the half heard music of the Fae.

Dance under a waxing moon, then dream the dreams of Enchantment and Prophesy, until it is time to rise to greet the Sun on Midsummer’s morning.

Dream well this night!

A Blessed Midsummer to you all

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Behind the times – again

Good news is that the diary is now all sorted and back running as it should. Again if you have a pagan friendly event local to Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire or Buckinghamshire UK and would like it listed, please contact me through the FB page 🙂

Time has got away from me this month, and I’m late in listing on the diary. My apologies. I am currently ‘enjoying’ an enforced lay off from work due to injury, and in the midst of doing battle with the local NHS – Never having been through anything like this before it’s been a revelation. My sympathies and love go out to anyone having to do this on a daily basis, a few weeks has been enough for me! Hope everyone out there is doing ok, the last New Moon was a bit of a wild energy wasn’t it! Not the easiest.

In the meantime, sharing this interview from The Centre for Pagan Studies.

We are very excited to share our latest interview with Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone which details a lot about their spiritual journey before they met and after they met, thanks to our volunteer Richard Levy who compiled the questions. Read it here – its fascinating https://centreforpaganstudies.blogspot.com.es/…/interview-w…

Interview with Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone For the Centre For Pagan…
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Diary issues

EDIT – and sorted. I guess we’ll never know why it did that!

For some reason when I checked the site last night, having updated it twelve hours ago, the diary is showing dates from january. I have NO idea how this has happened and am working on fixing it. Normal service will resume asap. My apologies guys.

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